The Issue of Divorce

Common Causes of Divorce

Emotional or physical abuse, cheating, and substance abuse are some of the biggest reasons couples get divorced. Some other less extreme reasons that cause divorce include continued miscommunication, loss of interest in each other, or spousal neglect. Most of these reasons can be worked out if counseling is involved, but each couple eventually has their breaking point.

When to Get a Divorce

Obviously, if a couple cannot reconcile with each other and file for a divorce, a divorce attorney should be hired to make the divorce process go smoother and to make sure that both parties' interests are addressed to ensure that everything is treated fairly. It may be hard and painful but if the couple cannot find a way to get along, there is probably no alternative but to divorce.

When NOT to Get a Divorce

First and foremost, if the problems a couple is going through can be worked out via counseling or more effective communication between them, a divorce should be considered unnecessary. Additionally, if the couple in question has children, it may be more compassionate to stay married in order to prevent uprooting the children's lives by forcing them to move between homes.

What Can You Do?

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